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Our online training is perfect for a busy young mama with a hectic schedule. Whether you’re busy with work or with the little ones, your programming is always with you for when you can squeeze in that time for yourself. We have packages with various offerings to suit your needs.


What People Say

A fabulous leader who doesn’t fail to inspire. One who believes In you regardless of our imperfections. One who leads by example. Through good times and bad..Yusra will walk beside you and never let you go. She is one tough cookie who doesn’t like whinging. ..but that’s ok….cause the game we play ain’t for the weak. She listens and listens more. Nothing is ever too big or small for her. You make training seems fun my dear sister. I owe you for who I am today and who I hope to be. ..may you continue to be blessed…keep up the hard work

Salma K

Yusra you are an incredible trainer, and I’m so grateful for your work. Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. You are more than a coach; you are the person we look up to even on the days we dont feel like training, you are a wonderful friend, a super mama, you are the biggest source of motivation and you definitely a powerhouse to many! Thank you for being such an inspiration in our daily lives



    Exercise has endless benefits for overall health and longevity. There are endless ways to add in activity and exercise into our daily lives. Some of the benefits include: Improves health and mood It can help manage your body weight Strengthen bones and muscles ( especially resistance training) Improves heart health and reduces the risk of… Continue reading
    WE NEED TO STOP DOING THESE! Yes I get it, life is hectic, life is busy so we try to do the best that we can to make things easier. We build habits and routines to make life easier, however some of this habits can actually do more harm than good. Below are some of… Continue reading
  • Your Healthy is NOT my Healthy…
    I have written before about the biases, the confusion, the Keto vs Carnivore diet wars that exist in the current health and fitness industry. Heck, it’ll put you off the health and fitness journey that you have been wanting to start for so long for good because you’re going be bombarded with so much contradicting… Continue reading

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I am passionate about health, I’m passionate about fitness, I’m passionate about inspiring people to be the strongest, healthiest, fittest version of themselves, I’m passionate about helping you because I know how much it has helped me. So let me.