A battle between QUALITY Vs QUANTITY….

I  love quick short workouts especially on the days I am really busy with work and my little ones. They can be just as effective as long as you give it all you have. So for me its all about QUALITY! If you have hours to spend at the gym then fair enough but that’s just not practical for many individuals especially mum, who have to deal with other million chores!!! (yes daddy’s do chores too but commonnn..mums rock! 🙂 ).  A well designed 10-30 min workout can be just effective as a 60 min one. So if all you have is 10 mins, then that’s okay!!!. Find a routine that will get your heart pumping, muscles burning and body screaming in those 10 mins and you’ll be good to go.

Practice safe sets, ensure perfect form every time. Its always really important to warm up and cool down after a workout. Warming up allows oxygen into the muscles and warms up your body preparing it for exercising while cooling down allows lactic acid to be removed and reduces soreness.

I will be adding quick, short yet effective routines daily, so keep an eye out for them. Some of the routines may not have warm up and cool down sections so add your own. Anything that gets your heart rate rising slowly serves as a warm-up and any stretching of the muscles you worked on can serve as a cool down finisher.

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