Core Burner….

2-4 circuits.

2 min break after a full circuit.

No rest within a super set, 30-45 secs break after each super set.

Warm up : 

high knees, 1 min
Jumping jacks 1 min
Low switch kicks 1 min
Plank walks 30 secs
Superset 1:
Squats 25 reps
Planks up and over 1 min

Superset 2: 
Lunges 20 reps
Seated rainbows 1 min

Superset 3:
Deadlifts 20 reps, any weights you are comfortable with.
Leg raises 20 reps

Superset 4:
Lateral squat jumps 1 min
Legs in and out 1 min

Superset 5:
Weighted calf raises 20 reps
Downward dog plank with elbow knee touches 1 min

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