Full Body Routine….

Do as many sets as you can.

2 mins rest between sets.

Use any weight you are comfortable with.

Warm up: Never miss to warm up

Light jog 30 secs
high knees 30 secs
jumping jacks 30 secs
Plank walk 30 secs
Standing toe touches 30 secs
Arm circles 30 secs

Main workout:

1 min left side weighted deadlifts
1 min left arm dumbbell / kettlebell swings
1 min right side weighted deadlifts
1 min right arm dumbbell / kettlebell swings
1 min ab scissors
45 sec left side plank
1 min bicycle crunches
45 sec right side plank
1 min good mornings
1 min switch foot jumps
30 seconds bear plank knee taps
1 min shuffles

Cool down with some stretching!!

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