Leg Work…


Superset 1: 3 sets, minimal break between sets
Squats,  12-15 reps light - medium weight/arm, 
Stiff leg deadlifts 12-15 reps/leg light - medium weight/arm,
Superset 2:  3 sets, minimal break between sets
Static lungs  12-15 reps with light-medium weight/arm, 
Lateral lungs 12-15 reps with medium weight/arm,
Superset 3: 4 sets, minimal break between sets
KB swings medium weight 20 reps
KB Figure 8 medium weight 20 reps
Superset 4: 4 sets, minimal break between sets
Bent knee glute raise 15-20 reps per leg
Glute Bridges 20 reps
Single leg glute bridge pulses 15 reps/leg
Superset 5: Finisher. 3 rounds no break. 
Pop squats 20 reps
Skaters 20 reps
Shuffles 20 reps
Jumping jacks 30 reps

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