My love for the fruity and the spicy…

Cooked ubuyu in pure date syrup

Yes i’m a fruit lover…to be exact, i’m a citrus fruit lover. So talk about unripe spicy mangoes, tangy apples, oranges, lemon, limes…if its a citrus or tangy fruit then i’m on it. Add some salt + red chili powder on those apples and i’m sold!

Now back to the focus of this post…the baobab fruit…or “ubuyu” as we call it here in Tanzania. The fruit grows from Baobab tree, mostly found in Africa. It is undoubtedly one of the most nutritious fruits you could eat, in fact, a superfruit. Its health benefits surplus those of oranges, berries, bananas with plenty of iron, potassium, anti-oxidants, vitamins and lots more. When consumed and prepared correctly, it can bring about excellent health benefits.

Ubuyu inside its shell

However, most of the time its not consumed as it is, although i don’t mind its pineapple like taste and chalky texture. Usually, the seeds are soaked in water, sugar and spices are added and cooked resulting into a delicious, gooey sweet snack. The only issue is the amount of sugar and food coloring added during the cooking stage which to be honest, defeats the whole Purpose of eating the fruit, well for me anyway!

For the longest time I’ve been looking for someone to prepare it for me (well i could do it myself but i’m far too lazy) without the sugar, but what would be the best sugar substitute? Yup…my very own home made date syrup (I make my own just to make sure it doesn’t have added junk to it, like most shop bought things do). I use date syrup for most of my snacks as a sugar replacement, that way i get the health benefits from dates too. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone ey! but that’s a topic for another article.

Finally, i got in touch with the lovely Muntaha, who makes ubuyu and ships them both nationally and internationally (she can provide more details on this). I asked her to prepare mine with date syrup minus the sugar, (she had never tried this before and neither had i) and as I expected, it came out absolutely delicious!! A perfect balance between the sweet and the spicy, just the right stickiness, yummm!!!

Now I can enjoy my ubuyu guilt free and rip all its superfruit benefits, which include:

  •  A natural source of calcium, twice as much as milk.
  •  It contains 6 more times vitamin C compared to oranges
  • It contains 6 more times antioxidants compared to berries
  • It contains magnesium, potassium (6x more compared to bananas) and B-complex vitamins.
  • Baobab powder contains dietary fibers.
  • It has prebiotic properties which is excellent for the gut
  • Its low in sugar and salt as well as calories

This…this i will enjoy!

For any orders, feel free to contact Muntaha via her Facebook profile, Muntaha Ebrahim. You won’t be disappointed!

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