Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both usually right

I have been a fitness professional for a few years now, I have been blessed to have trained and consulted with hundreds of women from different walks of life, different backgrounds, different history, different fitness abilities, different ages. Each one unique, each one memorable and each one with big goals, big hopes and big dreams.

One thing I have always been able to instinctively do during that first meet is to be able to tell whether the person’s goals and dreams will blossom into something fruitful and beautiful and life changing or they’ll just die along the way. I have to admit, i have been proven wrong a couple of times but for the most part, my instincts were spot on.

You see, when you speak to someone, when you ask them about their day, their life, their goals, their determination, their drive…they usually reveal a lot more than they’d like between the lines and the more people you meet, the more experience you have, the better you get at reading between the lines.

Their mental attitude and self belief in their abilities and what they’re capable of is what paves the way towards achieving those goals. A lot of times we stand in our own way of achieving our dreams by not giving ourselves the chance to even go for it or even try hard enough. We stop before we even try, before we even truly put any substantial work in.

“I work, I don’t have time to exercise”

“I am a mum, i don’t have time”

“I am too old to start a business”

“I have no self control or will power or self discipline to stick to working out”

If these thoughts are already in your head before you even begin your journey, how are you expecting to get through that journey? You don’t have time? You have 10 mins ..we all have 10 mins. Give me 10 mins of your time and let me prove to you that you have time to break a sweat!

You see ladies and gents, whatever it is that you think about yourself, whoever it is that you think you are, however strong you think you are, however much will power you think you have, however much time you think you have in a day…is exactly who you will be, is exactly how strong you will be, is exactly how much will power you will have, is exactly how much time you will have in a day. The success you’ll have in achieving whatever goals you have in life is all down to YOU and you ALONE. It’s a direct reflection of how much work you are going to put into achieving that goal, it’s a reflection of your own self belief in your abilities, it’s a reflection of your determination and will power.

If you think you don’t have those things then you don’t. However, if you think you do then you absofreakinglutely do!

Stop standing in the way of your own goals and dreams. Someone one once said ( i don’t remember who!) that “the rich man and the poor man have the same 24 hrs in the day”. How you spend those 24 hrs is down to you.

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2 thoughts on “Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both usually right

  1. Truly said…its on us to take out 10 mins from our 24 hours for ourselves to make us feel better….thank u for letting us know that only 10 or I say 5 mins twice a day will defo make a difference…I’m trying to imbibe that in my day to day life. Thank you for the motivation day in day out through our sessions n ur blogs

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