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OK so here’s the thing, truth be told, i understand not having time to workout..i really do. I mean, between running a full time training and nutrition business ( both in-person and online), managing a household and running around after my 4 kids all day ( 10 yrs, 4 yrs, 3 yrs and 9 month old), i need more hours in the day that’s for sure!! ( I have a baby sitting on my lap while typing up this blog and breaking up a fight between my 4 and 3 yr old..yuppp…#mumlife ha ha)

However, “I don’t have time to workout” can be all relative. It’s all down to how YOU define fitness. Does fitness mean spending 1-2 hrs in the gym, anything less than that is pointless? or is it just the concept of moving, staying active, being conscious about what you put in your body and just MOVE? If its the first definition then yes, you don’t have time and you’re going to put it off forever because lets face it, no one going to spend 2 hrs at the gym if they are stuck for time. Training will be at the bottom of their priority list. However, if you are like me and your definition is the latter then you have PLENTY of time. Really, you do.

You see, fitness is about integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle. It’s not about allocating a certain time block during the day where you lift heavy stuff and sweat ridiculously then getting on with your day with the least activity possible. If you are going to train hard for 2 hrs a day and do nothing for the rest of the day then i assure you, you’ve just wasted your time and effort.

Here’s the thing that most people don’t get, unless you are a bodybuilding competitor, an athlete or someone who needs some heavy training due to their job or goals, you do NOT need to train for 1-2 hrs to get results. You can get amazing results through shorter, efficiently designed workouts ( either home or gym, whatever works)..yes you will have to put in 110% effort but they will work just fine. If the choice is between not training at all because you don’t have “time” or working out for a few minutes a day, build healthy habits along the way and getting results, wouldn’t you rather choose the latter?

As a trainer who is juggling a lot as explained above, i hardly get time to train myself. So i sneak in my workouts in between client sessions, so when one leaves and before the next one arrives and that’s about 5-10 mins blocks maximum and i’d like to think i am still fit.

Let’s not use our lives and circumstances as an excuse and limitation towards achieving our health and fitness goals. Things will ALWAYS come up, that’s just life. You just have to find a way to work around them and set some priorities. If today you only have 5 mins then workout for 5 mins, if tomorrow you have 30 mins then workout for 30 mins. Don’t get it stuck in your head that to be fit and healthy you need all this free time in the day, no, none of us do. Not me, not those social media fit pros, no one. We ALL HAVE TO MAKE TIME, we don’t wait to get free time, No, we MAKE time even its little time, we still make it and so can you. Turn it from this “chore” that you have to do into “this is my lifestyle” and believe me, once you do that, you will always have time for it.

As the saying goes, “Your goals have to be stronger than your excuses”. If you have a goal, sit down and think hard about WHY you want to achieve that goal and that why is what’s going to push you into achieving it.

To start you off, here is a quick “I don’t have time” workout that will leave you dripping in sweat and it’ll show you that you truly don’t need a lot of time to get a good quality, intense workout in. Quick home workouts work just fine!

QUALITY over QUANTITY, every time!!!!!

Short workout, watch your form, keep your core engaged and give it 110% effort!

Do the below circuit for 5-15 mins none stop, depending on your time and fitness level. Minimal breaks, you want that heart rate up.

You can hold some water bottles or some light dumbbells to make it a little more challenging, if you like.

Jumping jacks 15-20 reps

High knees 15-20 reps

Suicide shuffle for 20-30 seconds

Till next time xx

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