Your Healthy is NOT my Healthy…

I have written before about the biases, the confusion, the Keto vs Carnivore diet wars that exist in the current health and fitness industry. Heck, it’ll put you off the health and fitness journey that you have been wanting to start for so long for good because you’re going be bombarded with so much contradicting information that will literally make your teeth ache…yes, seriously. It’s happened me!

Here is what you need to know, while yes, it’s not as simple as it sounds, it’s pretty much all that it’s about…CALORIE BALANCE!

You want to lose weight, burn more than you consume i.e eat = Calorie Deficit

You want to gain weight, burn less than you consume i.e eat = Calorie Surplus

You want to maintain your weight, burn the same amount as you consume = Calorie Maintenance

Therefore, to achieve your goals its absolutely crucial to eat according to those goals. Someones “healthy” peanut butter shakes, loaded with about 800 kcal of very little protein may not be the healthy option for you if your goal is to lose weight. My 4 egg, 3 tomatoes, 1 bell pepper breakfast is perfectly healthy for me but that doesn’t mean it’d be healthy for you.

We get bombarded with so many of the so called “healthy meals” ideas and just because it has the word “healthy” on it, we are all over it. Those healthy meals are often the most calorie loaded meals and they may not even leave you satiated. Why opt for an 800 kcal Keto shake that you may not even enjoy if you can have a grilled chicken burger with a delicious bean salad on the side for the same amount of calories?? which one will leave you fuller for longer? yup, go with the one that will leave you fuller for longer.

Whether its Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins…or any other diets out there, the only reason they will work for someone is because it allows them to go on a calorie deficit/surplus and that works for them but it may NOT work for you. Find what works for YOU.

Questions to ask yourself:

What are my goals? What kinds of food do I enjoy? what does my body like to eat? what is healthy for me? how do I enjoy these foods while sticking to the calorie target that I need for my goals? what strategies can I put into place that’d help me get to my goals?

Answering these questions will help you put an action plan together and give you an excellent start towards your journey.

Let’s stop consuming every healthy shake, every healthy snack, every healthy meal advertised just because someone says its “healthy”. Yes, it may very well be healthy but is it healthy for YOU?

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