Yes I get it, life is hectic, life is busy so we try to do the best that we can to make things easier. We build habits and routines to make life easier, however some of this habits can actually do more harm than good. Below are some of the most common habits that I am sure we’ve all engaged in at some point or the other and it’s about time we stopped doing them.

1) If you have ever travelled with a toddler then you know the pain of looking for a toilet in the middle of nowhere when they need to go or the moment you start driving off is the moment they need the loo..urgently!! And because of this, what do we do? we tell them to go toilet before leaving the house, before they have the urge to go urinate. We need to STOP doing this! Our bladder has two modes, storage and empty. When the bladder is full, it lets us know that “hey empty me” and that’s when we get the urge to pee. However, if we go and urinate, just in case before its full, we are actually affecting the bladder’s capacity to fill up and function as it should hence leading to a bladder dysfunction. So, no more just in case peeing! if we have to find the toilet in the middle of nowhere then we will just have to do that for the sake of our bladders 😃😃😃

2) What do many of us do when we need to go pee in a public toilet? we hover to pee. Another thing we need to stop! During the bladder’s release stage i.e peeing, the pelvic floor muscles need to fully relax in order for the urine to flow properly. However, if you do this while hovering or in a squat position, the pelvic floor muscles won’t be able to fully relax because they are postural stabilizers and this could lead to things like prolapse due to straining. So make sure you sit down.

3) Don’t stop and start mid stream, this affects the peeing process because as mentioned before, the pelvic floor muscles NEED to stay relaxed. Starting and stopping could cause the bladder to not fully empty, which again, affects its function.

4) This is common amongst us mums, if we are up in the night with the baby, we tend to go toilet just in case just so we don’t have to wake up again when baby sleeps. Again, this just in case peeing affects bladder function. Wait until you have the urge to go pee.

5) Don’t strain! this is why you should ONLY go when you get the urge to urinate. If you go before the urge, you may be forced to strain to get the bladder to empty and this again can cause problems such as prolapse as well as bladder dysfunctions

Our body knows what it needs, it gives us cues and clues so lets listen to those.

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