“Yusra has been a great guide, nutritionally. I was extremely careless with my meals post partum and I believed I had a lisence to eat anything I wanted because I’d been breastfeeding twins. She simply advised me to eat clean and I had several examples from her own daily meals to replicate. Just one month into clean eating, I was able to close my DR gap to less than 1 finger width. It was 2 fingers width for a long time…and I’m 12 months pp.” Salma
“A fabulous leader who doesn’t fail to inspire. One who believes In you regardless of our imperfections. One who leads by example. Through good times and bad..Yusra will walk beside you and never let you go. She is one tough cookie who doesn’t like whinging. ..but that’s ok….cause the game we play ain’t for the weak. She listens and listens more. Nothing is ever too big or small for her. You make training seems fun my dear sister. I owe you for who I am today and who I hope to be. ..may you continue to be blessed…keep up the hard work” Salma K

“Yusra is the one person I know that’ll make you feel so great about your BEFORE picture that you’ll be motivated to work towards your after picture just to hear that extra word of encouragement. Time and again she has made me realize how much my body is capable of: everyday I try something new, and before where I’d try a few times then give up, now I try until I just do it, because I honestly, like Yusra says, your body will never fail you.
Can’t is really the cancer of happen. Thank you to my sister Yusra, for making me believe in myself and for picking me up every time I have fallen” Alvina

“Yusra has not only been a personal inspiration but also an active teacher who has helped me understand my health. I always felt that I ate a balanced diet but I never ate clean and I certainly never worked out. When I became pregnant I gained 65 pounds due to depression and poor eating. I was the unhappiest I had ever been and I used food as a punishment. Yusra provided an environment through her online groups that was supportive and safe. In 8 months I have lost 80 pounds and reduced my body fat % by almost half. But really those are just numbers. What Yusra has really done is taught me how to respect my body and empowered me to take back the control I had lost. For the first time in my life I feel strong both in body and mind and I owe all of it to her. She is adamant that it was my own motivation and work but without her that spark would have never lit. She has saved not only my own happiness but also my marriage and my relationship with my 8 month old daughter and 5 year old stepson.” Olivia

“Yusra Eshaq is an awesome inspiration, she has taught me and others on what is nutrition and fitness. She is very selfless, caring, friendly and very professional in
Giving out advice. Yusra never fails to answer my questions and guide me in the right direction, I would highly recommend her to help any one who is striving for a healthier life. X” Amna

“Yusra Eshaq is an amazing trainer! She has helped me through my weight loss journey! Always giving great advice, I have learnt so much from her! I never thought I can eat so much healthy food and yet still lose weight.” Lila

“Yusra Eshaq is a true inspiration. She’s an awesome trainer that can surely kick it! But humble at the same time. With 3 young kids she shows others that anyone can achieve their own personal goals and feel good about themselves. She especially gives good advice on nutrition too. Me loves u Hun xxxx” Hinna

“Yusra Eshaq is a true of example of do before you preach, she is a perfect example to follow and I’m glad that I was guided by her as she has changed my perspective of health and physical strength. She has made me able to choose right foods and make healthier choices not only for me but for my child as well. Cannot have anyone better to be inspired of. Xx” Aaiesha

“Yusra is an amazing inspiration! She is so knowledge about health, fitness and exercise. She has helped me and so many others with her great advice on exercise and foods especially what I should and should not have. Ma sha Allah such a great person who makes time for friends despite being a busy mum of 3. X” Sadia

” Yusra Eshaq is a true inspiration to anyone who wishes to have a healthier “you”! She constantly reminds you that it’s not about numbers or “skinniness”… It’s about you and your health. She walks you through any difficulty you may face when you are trying to be good about your eating and workouts, and she consistently encourages you! As soon as I got to know her, she was available for me anytime, and I instantly saw a change in my body! Even during my pregnancy, she kept motivating me to keep up with healthy eating! She knows what she’s talking about, and that’s obvious when you look at all her results! Thanks Yusra!!” Aarti
“Yusra is a very strong willed and a determined woman. She has great leadership and communication skills. She is a great inspiration. She has shown me how a healthy lifestyle is not at all about dieting but rather about making choices that can be sustainable long term basis. She has motivated me effortlessly to bring me back on track where i can be in control of my own body from where i would never have picked myself up with guidance, nutritional information and positivity. She has shown that No matter who you are where you are from or what age you are you can always take control of your body. She truly is a great inspiration.” Jamila

“Yusra…..now where do I start with this amazing woman. To me, she is not only a trainer, an awesome nutritionist but also a life coach!!! I have never been as heavy as I was after my second born. My heart was sinking with heavy body I had to drag everyday plus looking after two kids with all the lethargy to go with it. Low stamina, back pain, depression…you name it. Fortunately, I bumped on to Yusra after my 4 months PP. Through her motivations and guidance I managed to lose 13 kilos within 6 months!!! She persistently reminded me that, hey woman you control your body not the other way around. Whenever I fell she pushed me hard to get up. And no… No crash diet. Just simply consistent clean eating and training. She made me believe that trusting our body and nurturing it is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and fitness is not about the looks only, it’s first and foremost about getting our body to function in the best possible manner. A few months ago I couldn’t ever imagine doing a headstand!!! And now I’m doing it. I owe Yusra a lot for this life changing journey and I wish her all the very best for her future goals and endeavours. She is simply AMAZEBALLS!!!! ;D” Mahmuda

“Yusra has been an incredibly inspiring trainer and friend! She is the one person that motivates me to work out daily- even on days I don’t want to get off the couch! Her advice on nutrition is impeccable and the results show it. She always addresses all of my questions and concerns so thoroughly and never fails to guide me in the right direction!” Sarah

” Before i met yusra i was not eating as clean as i thought. She gave me the right push i needed to loose weight and gave me good advice regarding nutrition and exercise. Without her help and support i would not have lost over 10kg in weight i am really grateful to have her as a friend and a fitness advisor she is very tough which is what i really needed at the time and still do x” Silvat

“Yusra is an amazing trainer and motivator. She has encouraged me to push further and make me believe in myself. I love the simplicity in her explanations and the way she doesn’t complicate things smile emoticon The best part of it, she has taught me that there is no end to this journey, I may change my goals but its a lifestyle change and that is what keeps me going. I WANT to keep going. I WANT to push myself. Thanks Yusra x.” Shamim

“My overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time (1 month) that i was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Yusra, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear. Yusra is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational…To turn a lifelong couch potato into a person I am is no small feat. Yusra is terrific. She suggests exercise routines that are individualized and challenging but not more than you can handle. Her relaxed, friendly personality created a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically. Today I’m stronger and happier and looking forward to reach my goals. Thank you dearest. ….” Fatma.J

“Our journey still has a long way to go,however in these past few months that I’ve been training with you I’ve felt better about myself more than I ever have,be it mentally or physically. Not more than 4 months of training with you and I’ve seen amazing results in myself, honestly I cannot thank you enough 😘” Sayyeda

“Working with Yusra has been truly transformational! Calling her after having a baby was the best postnatal decision I ever made for my physical and mental health. Not only did she help me fix my diastasis recti, every other muscle became stronger and my postpartum depression started to stabilize.

Yusra is more than a just trainer. She is your favorite coach who gets down and does the work with you, a mentor who actively listens and observes so you know you’re getting the most targeted and personalized support, and the community she created for her clients helps keep me motivated and uplifted on a daily basis.

Every session is unique, dynamic, and pushes me beyond what I think I’m capable of — and this is what I hear others say as well. I am so grateful for all of her support both in and out of our sessions and wholeheartedly recommend her services! ” Kendy,2018

“I’ve been training with Yusra for 4 months and I must say it’s been worth it! I have signed up for the online workouts and they are customized to meet my goals. The results are visible, I feel stronger, more confident and the best part is that I do it at my comfort, in my home 🙂
Yusra is an amazing coach, constantly checking on me, taking feedback, guiding on nutrition, and always challenging me that shows me my strengths. She has built a strong community and motivates and guides us in all aspects of nutrition and training. If you’re dedicated to make a change, Yusra is the go to trainer. Thank you Yusra for all that you do! Keep it up!” Nurina, 2018

“I do an online program and well I’ve never ever stuck to anything like i have to her program.. She is always around.. Good and bad days and hell, she motivatessss!! Plus she guides us so well.. From every move to every food we put in.. All workouts are based on how i do and what i can do and what more i can do!! All i can say is i feeelllll amazing!!” Nafisa,2018

“I climbed 4 floors without huffing. Being pain free after two years feels so good . The workout plans get me feeling energized.
Yusra is an excellent trainer. Not only does she listen to your problems but follows up continuously and is ever understanding. She’s the best out there
Thank you very much Yusra for everything you do for me. I really appreciate your efforts 👍” Dr shabnam,2018

“So 2 months ago, I was a lucky winner of a 6-week online training program with Fitshatzi which is a fitness platform designed for women run by Yusra and it has been an amazing experience. Yusra self customizes your workout plan depending on your current fitness level and needs, making it challenging and do-able at the same time. I have been working out for years, and after going through various workout plans online and downloading apps, I have never come across a plan of this kind which makes sure every muscle is worked right. Y’all these workouts are the perfect blend of strength training x cardio x HIIT!
Since I tried my best by being consistent and sticking to the plan + clean eating, I saw and felt satisfying changes. Apart from shedding off body fat, I feel stronger and have definitely developed higher endurance to intense working out. So Hello Muscle Mass! 😍
And to top it all up, Yusra is a beautiful soul, who is always open to any fitness related questions at any point and and and she has greaaat sense of humour which makes it 100x more comfier.
So Thankyou Yusra, for the opportunity, your time and for being as excited everytime I shared my progress pictures with youuu!! You are awesome!! ❤” Samiha, 2018

“I used to train with Yusra face to face and I got to see the changes in my body and my mind immediately. I have never had such a trainer who was so invested in me and would constantly keep checking on me and my progress.
Recently I started working and unfortunately I had to stop my face to face training with Yusra (which I crazily miss) but luckily she put me up with her online training program. even after having trained with her for so long, this online training feels so new, just because I don’t get to see her doesn’t mean I get less attention from her, she has personalised and tailored all exercises according to my needs and goals. My body is again evolving differently. It is always good to see results when you do fitness and it is exactly what I am getting with Yusra.
I am grateful for all her efforts and I always try to do my best. Sometimes I do get overwhelmed with everything that I have to do around but when I see at all Yusra’s investment in my journey or think about what would she say to motivate me it just gives me a bigger push. Thank youYou super amazing lady!” Nafisa H,2018

“Yusra, i am not just buying the program. There are a million trainers out there that i could choose from. I am buying into YOU. The confidence i have gained, the tools you have given me to help me lead a healthy life, you’ve equiped me with so much knowledge about myself, my body, my habits, knowledge that’s truly made me understand how to tackle my nutrition and how to manage stress and my hectic mum life. Your support is beyond what is expected. This, this is what i am buying into and if i’m honest, its way more worth than the cost. Thank you for my life” Z, 2019

“It’s been 5 classes wit Yusra…I must say I am loving it…I can feel the workouts & she explains & motivates so much…she pushes you to the limits…IM LOVING YOUR WORKOUTS…YOU ARE BEST YUSRA.. IM SO GLAD I JOINED….LOOKING FORWARD TO AMAZING RESULTS…. 👍🏻” Prishna, 2019

“Well I don’t know how to even start talking about my training with Yusra. I started with her almost 8 months ago and in this 8 month She has dramatically changed my body in terms of strength, power and endurance. I could barely manage 10 jumping jacks and now I do 500 reps in one go. I think I don’t need to say anymore about how amazing she is.” Zahabiya, 2019

“amazing coach.. she has a holistic approach to fitness and diet..but more importantly, it’s all about getting fit..” Fatema T, 2019

“Yusra is a great trainer. She integrates fitness and diet in practical ways which are easy to follow. She has a holistic approach to fitness which doesn’t just make you look good but Also think and feel good” Zahra, 2019

“Yusra is a great trainer. I have done a total of 3 session with her completing 12 week. She incorporates diet really well teaching the important of having health food and the correct nutrients making a change in the life style which would help one focus on the plan longer. Yusra’s also customizes the exercises according to ones fitness level which has made me feel stronger. Although in terms of weight the scales has not moved but I feel much lighter and confidence as well as fully energetic. Thank you Yusra for changing my life style, truly is a blessing to have a trainer like you” Shabneez, 2019

“One of the best trainers out there! I’m so glad I got to work with her, she’s absolutely amazing. she doesn’t just help you get back into fitness but also to HEAL! Which is something not all trainers really focus on much. My journey with Yusra has been amazing and fun. Not only has she helped heal my Diastatis recti but she has also awaken the motivation in me. To become the best version of myself.” Wajiha 2019

“I could do only a month with Yusra now but inshallah will train with her again soon. I was a bit skeptical in doing an online program but with her honestly it doesn’t feel like it, as she follows up with you regularly and making sure your doing the exercises properly with the correct posture and breathing. Her workouts seem easy but when you do them they really do push you to the max. I am surely coming back for more ❤️” Tasneem 2019

“Yusra is everything you would want a trainer to be. Dedicated, knowledgeable, kind but firm. Once you start with her you are assured you are in good hands Ma sha Allah. She motivates in a way you feel you can achieve anything you like. I am a logical person and need explanation with whatever I do with Yusra I am at ease because she herself explains everything and how it works. She continuously keeps herself updated with the latest developments in the training areas also is always working on one certification or other. For now I am forced to stop training for health reasons. But whatever little I have trained has helped me immensely. I am sure as soon as I get better I will be back with her to get stronger and healthier Allahumma aameen.” Ayesha 2019

“I joined Yusra about 7 weeks ago as I wanted a solution for the back pain that I experienced post partum. I must say that her program has worked brilliantly for me and I am feeling so much better and stronger. Yusra eases you so smoothly into exercising again and that makes it easier to cope. I would recommend her anytime, her program is brilliant and her knowledge on exercising and fitness is just excellent!!” Nimtaz 2019

“Joining Yusra’s tribe of fit mamas was one of the best decisions I ever made. She is so inspiring and motivating. she is always available to guide and discuss…she changed my perception of fitness and made me realise that fitness can be a part of my lifestyle.” Sabrina 2019

“Yusra is an amazing lady in many ways! She has managed to find a way to help postpartum mamas like me (those who find it difficult to dedicate time to goto the gym etc or those who haven’t trained before). Her online training has great videos with detailed instructions, the training plan is constantly changed with new exercises such that you look forward to challenging yourself and last but not least she has created a community of fit mamas and is constantly motivating them on a daily basis so you never lose sight of your goal. So there you go – you have the training plan drawn up for you, the flexibility to do it when you want to and the motivation on a daily basis – all the conditions met for you to get fitter! What I also love about her is that she is always motivating you, even you falter she says pick yourself backup, never have I heard her judge someone or put them down in a harsh way and I appreciate that! Thank you Yusra for your motivation and support ” Rashida K 2019

“i would 100% recommed yusra as a fitnes trainer , she listens very carefully to all your problems and guides you through . She guides you through nutrition and fitness.i have learnt alot . alhamdulilah i have seen results in three weeks of her online program. Bless you yusra ” Zahra 2019

“She is not your usual trainer she takes care and gives her 100 to you. Her sessions are in line with your body as to what is required to make you on your way to fitness. I simply loved her workouts training with her. Wish her all the best in all that she does💙” Rifhat 2019

“Yusra you are an incredible trainer, and I’m so grateful for your work. Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. You are more than a coach; you are the person we look up to even on the days we dont feel like training, you are a wonderful friend, a super mama, you are the biggest source of motivation and you definitely a powerhouse to many! Thank you for being such an inspiration in our daily lives❤ 💪🏻” Mehreen 2019

“Ive been working with yusra for almost two years now..! She has not just helped me loose weight! She has prepared and taught me to live a healthy life! Helped proved science wrong and the myth of”loosing weight will be hard for you” nothing is hard if your ready and thats when she come and shows you the way! Im so glad i crossed path and hoping to stick with her for a long long time ♥️💪” Feiruza

“Yusra is just AMAZING!!! She has transformed me & my life significantly. i cannot thank her enough. With her, you just fall in love with all matters Health & Fitness. One impact she definitely left me with is ‘muscle growth’ which makes me think about her everytime I see them muscles pop…which then makes me want to maintain and advance my fitness level. I also love how every excercise is created to meet my individual requirements..You will love being a Yusra addict!!💪”Roshan 2019

“I started taking live classes with Yusra about a month or two ago and when Yusra broke the news that she will be relocating, I was devastated. She asked me to try online classes and I was very reluctant. I was very happy with her methodology of focusing on quality/form rather than quantity of the exercise and I have shed couple of kilos in the past few weeks. Being a busy mom with three kids, I decided to give a try to the online class as it will save me the travel time and also be able to do the exercise when my kids are in school so that they don’t feel neglected. To be honest, I was amazed by the App as Yusra has posted her own personal videos showing how to do the exercise and I don’t feel the difference between the live class and the virtual/online class. So far she has about 300 of her very own videos and the app is very user friendly. The exercises are categorized and she prescribes the exercises on weekly basis. She also has a support WhatsApp group where she helps us to stay motivated, resolve any issues or questions we have regarding the workouts and also retorts our nutritional related questions. I would recommend that you give a try to this app as you have nothing to lose except your weight  ” Samreen 2019